Wednesday, 14 April 2010

All the Kings horses

Today I developed an idea for a small book to accompany my final main piece. I based the book on a nursery rhyme as the book is from the point of view of a child of domestic violence. I looked at the rhyme Humpty Dumpty due to the last line of the poem 'Couldn't put Humpty together again.' I liked the idea of Humpty actually representing the mother and her not surviving or coping with another act of abuse from her partner.When replacing the last 'Humpt'y with 'Mummy', it brings a whole new meaning to the childrens rhyme. The images below are of the book almost finished but not bound yet,working on last spread[not shown].

'Humpty Dumpty had a great fall'

'All the Kings horses'

'And all the Kings men'

'Couldn't put Humpty together again'

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