Friday, 9 April 2010

Your Rural Escape

So the last few days, has been all about a small project for Uni which an competition along side an Art School in Barcelona and one in Tokyo. So we all had to redesign the logo for Winchester, and the winner from our Art school gets a holiday to Tokyo or Barcelona. I'm not big on logo design if I am honest, but I did give it a go, however last minute doubts and re-evaluation meant I decided to change my logo, completely. I had almost finished it when I decided it was crap and I could do better. The deadline was today, and so I managed to do what I could considering. The logo is based on the Cathedral - I did want to avoid the Cathedral in the logo but I just couldn't help it as it seemed to call to me in my initial logo...

Original Logo[still in developing stages]:

Loving my threads on the Final Logo:

In all the excitement of developing new logo and thinking of the final poster, which I was not happy with, I decided to trim what I had and take it for a walk around Winchester.....The trees in the top left of the fabric represent St. Catherines Hill, where many folk like to hike and see Winchester and the surroundings in full glory. My little wander  resulted with; Final Poster [Which I have just realized is missing the Logo - Codswallop!!]

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