Sunday, 30 May 2010

Does it offend you?!

There are rumors that my work has offended a fellow student, which was unexpected as not many people have seen my finals- at least not the most offensive ones. It's made me think about the choice of language I have used as I know I was going to offend someone, but I never thought it would have been a fellow student. 
The words I chose came from research, through books, films and talking to people and are fully justifiable and I have thought that as my work is so large and can be seen from the other end of the room, perhaps people will be offended without engaging with the work. The fellow student who I have offended has not seen my work or development for this project, so I presume ignorance is part of the cause of offending as he has not seen the word in context. 

I realize that the degree show will be open to family and friends of students, and will be interesting to get feedback from people who are not a involved with art&design and how they react to the piece.

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  1. I mean I can understand if it's just based on the language but really, from what Becky has told me, it's fully justified.

    Have the tutors said anything about putting up warning signs though I bet it's not going to be the worst thing they'll see (not that I know of anything else).