Saturday, 26 June 2010

Shoreditch Town Hall

Thursday night was the private view of 'Out of Dust' show. I was fortunate to have my FMP put up in the show along side a few other peoples FMPs. They weren't hung brilliantly but I wasn't able to get there to help due to placement.



There were some really good pieces of work around from fellow Winch people most notable; James Clarke, collaboration Tom Cuppage and Luke Henely,  Jade Davies, Emma Ware, and collaboration Vicky Law, Sophie Cullen, Collette Murrey and Emily Higgins. I will link up to their sites+blogs soon as I can, but definitely worth checking out the variety of work that has been produced.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Lost Boys International

Today was the last day of my work placement in London at LBi, thanks to D&AD. I started on Monday, not sure what to expect, but in all, I have learnt a lot about what I want to do in the future.
Monday I started doing bits a bobs and later worked on some interesting BT projects they have on the go. I only did little odd jobs but I learnt a lot about the way the company ran and got some great advice from a few people. I spoke to a graduate and a few designers and got a lot of encourage to aim high and persevere for what I want to achieve. 
I have started putting together some projects and aims for summer so I can start sending things out to companies etc in Sept.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Out Of Dust; More Light and Power

This Thursday, you are all welcome to Shoreditch Town Hall for a collection of work from WSA students. The work is  centered around the theme of 'Out of Dust; More light and power', the motto of the building/area. This is also an opportunity to see my giant Phoenix in all its glory [see previous blog 'More light and power' for image].

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Contains Explicit Language

Images of my Final Major Project hung in the exhibition [If you didn't manage to get there]

My plaque, explaining my work
 What I failed to add was that the fabric represents the skin of the abused, which is an essential detail that I wish I had included.





Detail of no.2

Monday, 14 June 2010

More Light and Power

My piece for Shoreditch is 99% done now and here is a very little sneaky at it.


Phoenix body

 I have looked at the idea of reincarnation which led me to looking at Phoenix and the idea of evolving. This nicely ties in with the Shoreditch town hall's renovation.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Rusty Joe

Just sorting through my online portfolio [website] and re-discovered my 2nd attempt at stop-frame animation about my first car Rusty Joe. 

Click the image to watch! guaranty to make you smile! 

Out of Dust..

This is a sneak preview of my initial idea for London exhibition at Shoreditch Town Hall Basement in 3weeks time. The theme is from the local motto 'Out of Dust; More Light and Power' and have to complete this by friday! Gave myself the weekend off, as my FMP was handed in on Weds so relaxed since then until today.


Some inspiration I was recommended was Susan Seddon Boulet, who created very fantasy-based artworks, which is very relevant for my subject matter. My favourite piece from initial research, is this wonderful character with antlers and fur coat. Her artwork was pushed by her husband when her son was born and she opened her mind to a new world after growing up on a farm learning many folk stories. A great piece I created in 2008 was an animation based on a chinese story, and I loved uncovering the depths and messages in the cultural tale.If i had more time, I would love to delve deeper for this current project, but a new aim is to create a future piece based on a cultures tradition tale.

Mythical Susan Seddon Boulet

Saturday, 5 June 2010


Credit to Polly, with whom I will be with at LBi later this month, who blogged this and I LOVE this! I am very fond of my own stapler and I could never think of using it so precisely like Baptiste Debombourg has done!  What I am most inspired by is the close up images which show the intricacy of each staple and the relation to others! Its all about the detail...

Check out more here

A few of the 35,00 staples