Monday, 7 June 2010

Out of Dust..

This is a sneak preview of my initial idea for London exhibition at Shoreditch Town Hall Basement in 3weeks time. The theme is from the local motto 'Out of Dust; More Light and Power' and have to complete this by friday! Gave myself the weekend off, as my FMP was handed in on Weds so relaxed since then until today.


Some inspiration I was recommended was Susan Seddon Boulet, who created very fantasy-based artworks, which is very relevant for my subject matter. My favourite piece from initial research, is this wonderful character with antlers and fur coat. Her artwork was pushed by her husband when her son was born and she opened her mind to a new world after growing up on a farm learning many folk stories. A great piece I created in 2008 was an animation based on a chinese story, and I loved uncovering the depths and messages in the cultural tale.If i had more time, I would love to delve deeper for this current project, but a new aim is to create a future piece based on a cultures tradition tale.

Mythical Susan Seddon Boulet

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