Thursday, 15 July 2010

Experiments in waiting.

I've been waiting for delivery of my new sewing machine for more than 24hours now and I am becoming very restless and bored! I am becoming frustrated by my current lack of creativity as I have many things I want to try out!
 To pass time today, I decided to put into action an idea I had for my online portfolio. I want to reshoot most of the images on my website as they are not consistent enough for my liking. So now that I am living back in Southampton, I decided to use my surroundings to create some ideas which will hopefully look quite quirky and different. Todays shoot was very quick and rough due to it being windy out, but below is an idea of what occurred earlier today. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Washing Line

Washing Line (facing opposite direction)

Barn Outside Wall

Garden Hedge/Walkway

So, I've re-looked at the images after a few hours, and I think I have to really know why I want to photograph them in certain locations and whether it will add or take away the quality of work. I really need to consider more than just the aesthetics of the locations, or my portfolio will just look like a naff photoshoot playing in locations that are available to me.

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