Monday, 30 August 2010

How I Love Thee

Today I have found love in the form of Becky Hogg. Whilst surfing around blogs and twitter, I found a link to her Tumblr and website, and can't help but admire her attention to detail with her work [ as well as the scrolling display on her site ]

Whilst scrolling through her Website, my key favourite features were the small red figures dancing and playing music - so simple and beautiful.

The leaves with delicate patterns between the veins. Detail that I know can be frustrating to finish but is so worth it in the long run. Seeing a piece with that kind of detail feels me with inspiration to do a piece working small scale.

Check out her blog:
and her website:

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Currently working on self-initiated project I want finished for the end of the work. Hopefully something that drives me forward to keep up pace of work at the moment. Many projects on the go but need to focus on whats important. 
Currently have (1) commission (2) Sketchbook Project (3)Self Promo stuff (4) lots of ideas to experiment with;mainly starting points/concepts.

Current piece in the making around the idea of work.

Monday, 23 August 2010

August Stimulation

Today amongst other things, I have been looking at some typographic inspiration to help me along my way with my 'alternative CV'. I found the following on a great blogspot from smashing magazine.

I felt that these image were the most inspiring and lent themselves well to what I want to create;
A piece that was about her journey from home to her studio, with the black words describing the surroundings along her journey. Love it. Simple use of colour and cleer.

This piece struck me because of the bold choice in background colour, which I have been sensitive towards in my own work- Do i go for a bold colour, or stay with a plain white/off-white colour? What am i saying by use of bold colour?
I am taken by his portfolio on his site, and do take a look if you like the above piece, there is definitely more to see!

what i like about this piece is the way the words work around each other and still retain their legibility and strength. Galiana's portfolio is work checking out as the illustrations from his moleskins are amazing.
I also found this on his site which is exactly the piece of work I want to create for myself.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Patch Up

A close friend has requested me to help mend her quilt that she has had for many years. She has given me some basic guidelines, as she knows that she wont be able to match the original fabric. She wants me to be creative and try and create some typographic based patches that will integrate into the quilt. Free rein, but nothing rude or inappropriate.

The Quilt....

Floral Fabrics

Big Patch

Small patch

Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Beginning.

I am slowly working on a piece that I will send out to potential clients/employers. I have looked back at some work I have done previously which I think might help me as they are key turning points as a designer. I looked at my sketchbook from Summer 2007 which is what I was working on just before I started Uni. I was playing with fabric and mark-making etc and really was what started off my fascination with creating tactile design. However, the encouragement to continue working hands off was killed off in first year (a big regret).

Typography Experiment that looks like a popular illustration book cover.

Left Page: Experiments with sewing machine and pens
Right Page: Self portrait

Left Page: Applique recycling image
Right Page:Mark Making with stencils and fabric paint

Stitched Illustration.

Detail of Illustration.
I looked back at these just over a year ago which spurred me to start stitching again, as his is what really excited me. I have looked back through my sketch book from the Summer 2009 and found a few typography bits which might help me with my current project.

My Abstract Typography Experiments.
I love looking back at things like these as it really encourages me to get my head down and make more exciting things!! Time to get back to making some bits. Below is a taster of what I'm trying to work through at the moment, currently entitled 'The Alternative CV' for sending to companies etc. Its looking very interesting and promising at the moment.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Shape Game

A friend I work with gave me a copy of the observer last week with an interesting article and small illustration competition. Online Article

I only had a weeks notice, and with other things going on at the moment, I took a day to try and respond to the theme and enter a quick and simple illustration. I'm fascinated with the idea of a spontaneous shape that you have to respond to, I feel its similar to the system I used for my FMP.

Anyhow, after many turnings of the shape and squinting hard, I created this very simple vase and flowers composition: simple and sweet. Something I dont quite like about it, but I think thats because I've gone back to doing literal piece of work.