Monday, 23 August 2010

August Stimulation

Today amongst other things, I have been looking at some typographic inspiration to help me along my way with my 'alternative CV'. I found the following on a great blogspot from smashing magazine.

I felt that these image were the most inspiring and lent themselves well to what I want to create;
A piece that was about her journey from home to her studio, with the black words describing the surroundings along her journey. Love it. Simple use of colour and cleer.

This piece struck me because of the bold choice in background colour, which I have been sensitive towards in my own work- Do i go for a bold colour, or stay with a plain white/off-white colour? What am i saying by use of bold colour?
I am taken by his portfolio on his site, and do take a look if you like the above piece, there is definitely more to see!

what i like about this piece is the way the words work around each other and still retain their legibility and strength. Galiana's portfolio is work checking out as the illustrations from his moleskins are amazing.
I also found this on his site which is exactly the piece of work I want to create for myself.

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