Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Beginning.

I am slowly working on a piece that I will send out to potential clients/employers. I have looked back at some work I have done previously which I think might help me as they are key turning points as a designer. I looked at my sketchbook from Summer 2007 which is what I was working on just before I started Uni. I was playing with fabric and mark-making etc and really was what started off my fascination with creating tactile design. However, the encouragement to continue working hands off was killed off in first year (a big regret).

Typography Experiment that looks like a popular illustration book cover.

Left Page: Experiments with sewing machine and pens
Right Page: Self portrait

Left Page: Applique recycling image
Right Page:Mark Making with stencils and fabric paint

Stitched Illustration.

Detail of Illustration.
I looked back at these just over a year ago which spurred me to start stitching again, as his is what really excited me. I have looked back through my sketch book from the Summer 2009 and found a few typography bits which might help me with my current project.

My Abstract Typography Experiments.
I love looking back at things like these as it really encourages me to get my head down and make more exciting things!! Time to get back to making some bits. Below is a taster of what I'm trying to work through at the moment, currently entitled 'The Alternative CV' for sending to companies etc. Its looking very interesting and promising at the moment.

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