Friday, 24 September 2010

Be Beautiful

So here is a snippet of a few experimentations I have been working on. Had lots of notes on a few ongoing projects so have been playing with a few ideas to see how they work in reality.  Mainly typography based pieces.

Above: For a friends birthday card. Was using yarn instead of just cotton thread for the type and used technique of couching to fix it to fabric. Still debating use of yarn- Works better on patterned fabric as stands out more than cotton thread.

Above: Decorative B - Experiment for my commissioned quilt.

Above: More typography for Quilt

Above: Just an experiment that was more about use of yarn against cotton thread and playing with thickness, however using my new Sewing Machine I found it easier to to smaller type which has opened up a lot of ideas which were not possible on my old machine.

Currently have too many ideas for projects - need to be more decisive about everything. And sharpish.
 Recent Artist discoveries to come soon.

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