Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Vancouver, B.C.

I returned last week from a holiday trip to Vancouver and wanted to post some findings from my explorations.
First photo of the trip- Cone on a bus power cable. How and why I do not know.

On Robson Street- the writing says: 'Hi Folks, My name is Sing. I am an artist from Toronto and Chine. I apprececiate your generous support and to encourage me to do the best. Thank you very much and have a good day. Bless you all!' The right bit beneth the well : 'Make a Wish 50cents- 1/2 wish. $1- 3 wishes. $2-unlimited evenings and weekends.'

In Deep Cove- Amused me greatly.

Art work (Completely forgotten the artists name) But a pixelated whale- which lit up at night. Amazing and was massive. 

Fort Langly- East of Vancouver. This garden fence was beautifully made from lots of old bits and bobs- note the sewing machine (there were at least 3 in total) and the giant fork.

West Vancouver - Washed up wood that has been modified somewhat and provided amusement and respect. No note of who did it. But there were also many mosaics on the rocks as you walked along.

Update of work and stuff I have been up to recently is on its ways. I have had big reflection on what I want to do in the next few months coming so busy trying to do this and that at the moment!

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