Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Bells and Dresses

Last night, and today, I have been sucked into scrolling through this blog which is packed with delightful and beautiful images of weddings. The blog, from 100layercake.com, are a trio of ladies in the USA who are wedding planners who have researched into helping couple have the best resources for thier big day. I found some really interesting bits and pieces which are somewhat inspiring [and really pretty and girly]
[ Images taken from the 100layercake blog. ]

Beautiful decorations- Inspirational for my future outdoor forest wedding. Love the idea of photo frames on the trees.

Sweetly decorated pumpkins on tables with a quaint script. Love the colour combo of the pumpkin and flowers. Simple always works.

Pebbles for seating arrangement, brilliantly sweet accompanied with these bird cages. The cages aren't something I'd have but it is lush all the same.

Brilliant idea to get a collection of humorous photos of your loved ones- A photo booth with props. Brilliantly sly idea which can be a lot of fun, given the right set up.

Also for the ladies, wedding dresses which are featured on the blog from Elizabeth Dye which are just stunning.

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