Wednesday, 14 April 2010

All the Kings horses

Today I developed an idea for a small book to accompany my final main piece. I based the book on a nursery rhyme as the book is from the point of view of a child of domestic violence. I looked at the rhyme Humpty Dumpty due to the last line of the poem 'Couldn't put Humpty together again.' I liked the idea of Humpty actually representing the mother and her not surviving or coping with another act of abuse from her partner.When replacing the last 'Humpt'y with 'Mummy', it brings a whole new meaning to the childrens rhyme. The images below are of the book almost finished but not bound yet,working on last spread[not shown].

'Humpty Dumpty had a great fall'

'All the Kings horses'

'And all the Kings men'

'Couldn't put Humpty together again'

Friday, 9 April 2010

Your Rural Escape

So the last few days, has been all about a small project for Uni which an competition along side an Art School in Barcelona and one in Tokyo. So we all had to redesign the logo for Winchester, and the winner from our Art school gets a holiday to Tokyo or Barcelona. I'm not big on logo design if I am honest, but I did give it a go, however last minute doubts and re-evaluation meant I decided to change my logo, completely. I had almost finished it when I decided it was crap and I could do better. The deadline was today, and so I managed to do what I could considering. The logo is based on the Cathedral - I did want to avoid the Cathedral in the logo but I just couldn't help it as it seemed to call to me in my initial logo...

Original Logo[still in developing stages]:

Loving my threads on the Final Logo:

In all the excitement of developing new logo and thinking of the final poster, which I was not happy with, I decided to trim what I had and take it for a walk around Winchester.....The trees in the top left of the fabric represent St. Catherines Hill, where many folk like to hike and see Winchester and the surroundings in full glory. My little wander  resulted with; Final Poster [Which I have just realized is missing the Logo - Codswallop!!]

Thursday, 8 April 2010


Finals design proposals for Winchester Logo. Been a bit of a delayed project with various other things going on at the moment.

Better photographs tomorrow to send off with final alterations. The general theme was that Winchester is an ideal countryside escape for local city folk.

Monday, 5 April 2010


This week has been about the cushions..I think the typography intrigues me most. 

What I have also discovered this week, is the visual success of placing some of my work in frames. This piece, 'Delicate Owl', was a piece from a few months ago and although the frame isn't the best choice, I really like how the tactile feel isn't completely lost. My aim is to try and produce some more pieces that I can perhaps sell on Etsy, though my choice of frames will be re-evaluated.

Shut up!

Continuing this weeks experimenting with furnishings, I looked at light fittings, and trying to hide a message in a lamp which is only seen when it is switched on.

'Leave me alone' - Fabric layered behind the lamps outer layer with the phrased stitched in white so that the message is seen only when the light is on. However, the end result isn't perfect but the effect is quite nice.
On the other side  'Shut Up!' - Stitched in white so that it cannot be easily identified in normal daylight. When the light is on, its quite hard to make out but the concept really intrigues me.


Following a flat piece of work I did on bruises, I developed physically abused furnishings...
Bruised black cushion

Bruised Flesh Cushion
Side has been stitched with pink yarn
More detailing.
Can't say I am extremely happy with the furnishings idea, But I like the outcomes.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

What Is Winchester?

Been slyly(and slowly) working on a small uni project for re-branding Winchester. My entry will be judged among other students entering and will be judged by 2 other Art Schools- Elisava and a Chinese school whose name escapes me..
Logo 75% there, but stuggling with an A3 poster. First few tries have looked shocking. But Simple always works so back to drawing board one last time before hand-in.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Your nothing but an ugly C%#!

Looking at verbal abuse, I have decorated a cushion with a phrase a discovered in my research. The idea is supposed to be a subtle suggestion of abuse in what appears to be a normal home. Only when you look close do you notice the abuse which has been hidden in daily life.

I used a lilac thread as a subtle colour rather than something that stood out as often abuse is not seen in the home by outsiders. Unfortunately the lilac was lost in the purple flower so I might have to add a darker shade to try and emphasis 'nothing'.

The typography idea came from previous experiments around the start of March using the word 'Whorebag'