Friday, 16 July 2010

SketchBook Project 2011

So after a few thinking about it, I have decided to participate in a project I mentioned a few posts ago called The Sketchbook Project 2011.

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

I picked the theme 'Facing Forward' with two separate ideas for concept already. But will wait for it to arrive, with a info pack before I delve into anything yet. I think its a great idea and should be something similar in the UK but with graduates as a showcase for their talents.

The lack of sewing machine (3rd day undelivered because they cant find me) is driving me bonkers. I cannot create anything and beginning to go mental. Never leave me sewing machine-less for longer than a week!!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Experiments in waiting.

I've been waiting for delivery of my new sewing machine for more than 24hours now and I am becoming very restless and bored! I am becoming frustrated by my current lack of creativity as I have many things I want to try out!
 To pass time today, I decided to put into action an idea I had for my online portfolio. I want to reshoot most of the images on my website as they are not consistent enough for my liking. So now that I am living back in Southampton, I decided to use my surroundings to create some ideas which will hopefully look quite quirky and different. Todays shoot was very quick and rough due to it being windy out, but below is an idea of what occurred earlier today. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Washing Line

Washing Line (facing opposite direction)

Barn Outside Wall

Garden Hedge/Walkway

So, I've re-looked at the images after a few hours, and I think I have to really know why I want to photograph them in certain locations and whether it will add or take away the quality of work. I really need to consider more than just the aesthetics of the locations, or my portfolio will just look like a naff photoshoot playing in locations that are available to me.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Pip / Em

I wanted to mention some fellow Graduates from WSA, who I think have created some very interesting and unique pieces. I have chosen two ladies who have distinct projects and really admire what they created for their final major project. [There are many projects from my peers which are worth checking out at the degree show website]

Pip Murphy
Graphic Designer/Illustrator

A detailed piece that never failed to catch my attention. Created 5 A0 illustrations with the initial starting point of 'Women Warriors'

Emily Higgins
Graphic Designer

A very intellectual piece about language where she screen printed her finals. Heading to LCC to complete an MA, but her print projects are worth a look!

Monday, 12 July 2010


I have now ordered a new sewing machine which shall be with me very soon and can start mocking things up as I am going crazy with many ideas brewing for various self initiated projects. Stayed up last night thinking about CV project idea, linking to the previous blogs regarding self-promo and identity. I have been assessing previous ideas for self promo and trying to reinvent myself in a fun quirky way. 

Also found a great project where you can make your own sketchbook and let it go on tour amongst other artists sketchbooks. Small cost , but I think I might do it! Brilliant simple idea that gets your work seen.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Thumbs Up

I managed to find one of my key influences for my new summer project. A long time ago, I came across the blog of Liam Hine, a Leeds College of Art student, and really loved this quick piece below which was about your self as a designer. They "had to advertise your own capabilities as a designer and thus sell yourself to a client." This is exactly what I need to do in the next coming months for work experience, clients and jobs so is a good starting point for my idea.
The concept is very simple, but I think mine won't have that clever idea of personal touch with the fingerprint, but ideas are still in the making.
Check out Liams blog here to see his most recent work.

Monday, 5 July 2010


I am still out of action due to broken sewing machine, but plans are in the making for a new piece of work that is partially for self promo as well as a typography experiment. I saw a piece a while back on a students blog which was quite interesting dealing with identity.I am trying to track it down in order to put it on show here!
I've also been browsing a few blogs just for some inspiration and found the following.

Creative piece that is simple in colour and concept.
The rule is always to keep it as simple as possible.

A very structured piece with a beautiful choice of typography. Again a sense of simplicity and limited colour pallet. Loving the graph paper detail reinforcing the structure. 
Looking through a few more pieces and playing with layouts.

Both were found on Artists unknown.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Creatively Lonely?

So I am in currently in limbo at the moment with no sewing machine and moving house earlier this week so living in mild chaos. Work is therefore minimal for a few weeks whilst I get myself together and find a new sewing machine for myself. I have been slowly editing website and other self promo piece and am compiling ideas for summer projects for myself. 

 In the meantime, check out Search Party if you are on the hunt for a creative partner. I worked alongside of Polly, founder of the 'speed dating for creatives.' Its very simple idea that gets a group of young talent together, to try and find their perfect match for the creative world. The second event is happening on Monday in London so check out their blog where they also feature work by a few of the attendees.