Saturday, 15 January 2011


New year, New projects.
Setting myself up with a few aims and projects for the next few months into 2011.

1. Follow news from the Sketchbook Project.
Since sending off my book, I have felt a little lost and yet excited about where it's going. I must make sure I update and finish my profile on the Art House website for all to see.

2. Learn more crafts eg knitting,screen printing.
After being highly influenced by my latest buy [Indie Craft by Jo Waterhouse- I think it might be true love], I have realized that I want to learn more crafts and definitely upgrade my poor knitting skills and expand my hand sewing capabilities. Hiring the mother as teacher for knitting.

3. Take part in Secret Valentines . 
A project set up by Alicia-Rose, a textile illustrator, which works in the same way as Secret Santa does at Christmas. Artists put themselves forward to join, and your name with website links are added to a list, now far into double digits, so you can admire the work of others. A key rules for the idea is that presents must be completely hand made- brilliant. Time to put a few ideas into practice.

4. 1st Personal Project 2011
I have had a few ideas brewing for a while and want to really put efforts in to put an idea into practice. Some inspiration and key artists will be blogged in the next few days to get the ideas rolling. My aim is to get a mock up done before the month is out. Some deeper research might also have to be done. Think positive.

5. Creative Community
Join or set up a creative group. Whether it is to do with point 2[see above], or due to a lack of visually creative close friends around, I have thought about setting up a group to meet up and chat about our creative work over a brew and biscuits. Just gotta work out where do advertise such to get people interested, and get a blog started to get an online presence.
I have seen Meet and Make which occurs in Glasgow, and feel quite inspired by other events and groups that work well. Just need to find the right space to have a gathering of creatives.

6. Job
Get a job within the creative industry, even if it is part time in an art shop - I need some more inspiration in my life. Consider work experience in galleries

After visiting the first New Forest Film Festival back in September at my old college, they were talking about having an open film competition with a theme of 'Forest.' I have had ideas with a friend in relation to this competition, however it has been 2 years since I created Rusty Joe, a stop frame animation about my old car, and I am so eager to make another animation.

Thats it, for now...

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