Sunday, 23 January 2011


On Friday, I visited Birmingham to see a good friend from university and we had a mini Christmas swapping gifts.

I had a small idea about what I was receiving, but Friday was full of joy when I opened the brown paper package.

A little bag.. 

 of Pants!

Detailing on the underwear!

Andrea Bonnell pants - Freaking awesome and by far the most exciting and cute christmas present I received this year. I cannot wait to wear them and hoping for the matching bra next year.

You should check out her other lingerie bits, and more importantly her corsets here. Her final degree collection was the same colour palette I had in mine [by coincidence] and I even modeled it! Great stuff that was ahead of the high street fashions too.

Incase you wondered, I brought her a few small bits from a small apothecary in Lyndhurst. Find them here , I'll be back for gifts for myself, as the scents and bath bits are so great!

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