Tuesday, 18 January 2011


My mum is a care worker and one of the ladies that she visits is having a massive clear out. I have already received a few delightful bag loads from her and today my mum passed me some more bits and pieces! These I just had to blog. So amongst the usual threads, yarns and needles came these little bundles of excitement...

No idea what this is. Asking mother later.

My favourite object- A wind up measuring tape.

Initials OEE inscribed on the end. 

The back of the measuring tap container.

A box of yellow bobbins which amused me greatly. Expect a lot of yellow in my work this year.

A lovely box of old pins. I'm just delighted everything I have been given is probably older than I am.

No idea, but its brilliant [it pretty much explains itself on the piece if you can read it]

Home made doodaa...

..with lots of threads!

A wooden box with more cottons. Hazaar!

A tin of large needles, but I am just a box fanatic and loved the condition of this tin.

If you have old stuff you don't want, please send it my way. I now have a massive collection of fabric, threads, zips, buttons and knitting and embroidery patterns. I love getting textile bits for my work [especially in boxes].

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