Wednesday, 5 January 2011

More Hello, Ok!

Happy New Year to all.

So I am now coming to the final stages of my SketchBook Project and I am taking photos and making the finishing touches to my last few pages. I have had to cut it shorter due to this thickness it has already got to and the limited space I have to fill in into. This is sad, however I am quite happy with my pages. Maybe it's because I started it so long ago, but my least favourite page is one of the first pages I completed and despite it being a big development for my work, it is actually quite dull to me. I can only hope this is down to the unimaginative choice of thread colour. The pages I will upload in full when I have gathered the pictures all together and have the book finally compiled as one complete object. I have to make sure I send it by next Friday!

Below is my most recent page, and also the final page in the book. It is based on a subject I ranted about recently to those who would listen and is a subject that gets to me fairly often. It is based around the constant pressure from magazines on young women to conform to looking a certain way and using certain products. I was reading a magazine in the spring time where an article regarding fake tan encouraged the idea that pasty legs were an ugly sight and you should feel ashamed if you dare show them off. I, being a pasty legged girl, got fairly angry at this and have not brought a magazine since and with recent rants, I decided to direct it into a piece. I wanted to try and fit it into similar themed works a while back where I used speechbubbles and mixed media[see post called Silver Lining back in Oct.]

The Composition I think could be slightly better, but overall I'm quite happy with this fairly spontaneous piece.

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