Wednesday, 12 January 2011

SBP Tour.

The Sketchbook Project: 2011
So I have finally sent off my Sketchbook Project. If you haven't heard/seen about it, it is an idea by Art House Co-op, which has been running for a few years. In exchange for $20, they will send you a  moleskin sketchbook for you to be as creative as you want, as long as it gets back to them with the original cover and filled with lots of work. There were a few limitations and rules, one being on the purchase of your book, you also had to pick a theme to which you would work with. Out of a list of about 30 themes, I picked Facing Fowards, and I used my book as a place where I could experiment with ideas that I has built up for a few months as this was a way to help me find successful ways of working.

Below are images of the final pages and me working. There were only a few pages as the fabric padded out pretty fast, but i enjoyed it all the same. Enjoy.

Finishing Process

The Sketchbook

[Page currently missing]


I enjoyed this process, as I was able to let myself go within the book, experimenting with the simplist of ideas and concepts. Around the time of starting, I wanted to look at typography, which is why the first chapter is so type based. The second chapter, in contrast, became much more image reliant, with experiments with basic shapes and composition, such as the stripes and flower mass. I previously did a piece of work involving a zip,which was a piece to encourage interaction, and I wanted to bring that element to this, so I decided to place a zip in. I thought about adding a velcro page somewhere, but it never fitted into any ideas well enough. Buttons seemed to bulky for this project, but I'm glad I managed to squeeze one on the zip, as I am a massive fan of buttons, they each have their own little characterized faces. The final chapter was the most spontaneous and involved the most experimental pieces with stitching on patterned fabric, cutting through fabric [I cannot remember the techniques proper name] and a concept idea I have had for weeks [I do not Fake Tan].

I hope you like, and I apologize for the picture quality for a few. If anyone finds this during the book tour, which starts in March, please let me know!

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