Monday, 14 February 2011

But It's You My Love..

Through Alicia Rose, embroiderer and maker of things of fashion, I joined Secret Valentine  project. So I put my mind into gear, and set about making things.
So this is what I made for Sarah a creative from wales:

2 lavender bags, with ties for hanging.

 Quilted cushion.
Stitched love letter.

Sarah has blogged her present her. Many thanks for the mentions and links. I am glad you like the gifts.

My gift arrived on the 9th and I opened it straight away- I was far too excited!

 My gift was from Poppy Sparkles, Jewellery maker and blogger! It came with a little letter and two business cards and..
A Little bag of hearts with my gift..

Earrings! Now I admit, I do not wear earrings much, but I am already in full swing of wearing these and others I own. Very lovely and a big thank you to Viv for sending them to me :-)

Both ladies are on twitter:
and founder of this Secret Valentines Alicia Rose 

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  1. Thank you so much for blogging about your earrings. If I'd known you were going to photograph it all, I'd have written neater ;)