Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I Hope This Doesn't Sound Strange...

Earlier this evening, I received a little tweet from @ asking a few questions and I thought it would be good for all to hear a bit about me and my background etc.

How did you become interested in Graphic Arts and Textiles?
From a young age, I used to watch my mum quilting and would go with her to textile/craft fairs and would be  completely fascinated with the array of fabrics and accessories. I was big on art and crafting through primary and secondary school making lots of boxes and random things. I applied to do Textiles for GCSE, however due to lack of interest with other students I had to take a second option of Graphic Design instead.I also took art along side Graphics, but I much preferred design, but I got a lot of inspiration from artists through doing art. Even though it was more technical drawing than the graphic design I took through college, I enjoyed it and had a thing about being hands on and , making a Dr Martin boot branded as someone's personality.[I wish I had a photo of it to show- I will try and hunt one down later in the week or take a new one!] So when college ended, after studying Maths and Media alongside GD, I headed for Winchester School of Art to study BA Graphic Arts which was only in its 2nd year of existence. I spend half of the duration there trying to work with digital outputs but fell back to incorporating mixed media due to the success of Rusty Joe about spring 2009 [watch here] that led me back to my hands on self and started to work with fabrics and threads. So I spent summer 2009 playing with ideas using a sewing machine and the fabric that I had to hand [ie from mums old collection]. And it was from the praise I got from my tutors in autumn 2009 I knew that I was onto a winner by mixing my love of fabrics with my dedication to design. My tutors and peers were encouraging of my work and so I just kept on, trying out new things, some of which can be seen on my site. 

What inspires you?
It's hard to define what exactly inspires me, it ranges from so much. Early inspiration was of course my own mums quilting bits and bobs, it was later surrealism such as Dorothea Tanning, who I still admire very much.There was a painting she did called Guardian Angels, and I loved the story behind it where the monsters/evil creatures would eat the children as they slept.When there are pieces of work that have these creative narratives and you can fully engross yourself to this one piece and it takes you somewhere else. 
Dorothea Tannings Guardian Angel
 At the same time, I love mixed media work as I love the detail you get from working with different materials-I'm sure you can find good references of this through my blog with artists. I am a great admirer of Marie O Conner, Lizzie Finn and Tracey Emin - all work with textiles. I am fond of illustrators from Aubrey Beardsley to Julie Verhoven. I think its fair to say you can find inspiration anywhere.
 I do have great admiration for large scale art projects that brings communities of people together like the Guerilla Girls, Aids Quilt [here] and Suffragettes, bringing everyday people to make a change through a creative process. Quite inspiring, no?
 I also find typography important within my work so I keep an eye out for creative uses. I remember the first company I ever knew of was Airside and have been signed up to their emails for 4/5 years now!

How old are you?
I am 22 years young. But this is debatable.

Thanks Bethany for the interest. Hope this helps and is fairly interesting to read!

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