Thursday, 24 February 2011

Snug Smug

So last night I finished my quilt which I managed to do in a couple of weeks and made almost entirely from scraps I had. I did it mainly because my duvet is too thick and causing me bad sleep and because despite my intense research into quilts in my final year, I have never made a full sized quilt before. Many years ago I made one which was no more than a couple of feet in size and was themed around 'rainbow' [ I shall see if I can dig out a photo]. However this was a challenge and I learnt a lot [mainly that I should always double check what my mum suggests] and I am so proud I have done this. How many 22 year olds do you know that have done this? 

Patching it together as carefully as I can.

 Patching it together. A quick process when you get into it, but also a lot of time trying to line things up.
Ends sewn together.

Final quilt, on the washing line. I might quilt it in more detail when I have time and patience.

The patches with a golden patch at the heart.

Blue backing was the only fabric I had to pay for, all the others I had already. 

More patches- the Red in the top right is from a dress I wore once many years ago, whilst the purples below are fabrics I have had since I was little.

The detail and imperfection [which gives it extra quirkiness]

More detail of some of my favourite fabrics - gingham, and the yellow/brown squares.

I love my quilt and already snuggled into last night and I am so smug about it! However I have no intentions of doing another yet as I have other things on my to do list. I learnt a lot through the process, mainly that it is something that shouldn't be rushed. Traditionally quilts can take months through the process of gathering fabrics, hand sewing all the patches together and quilting it. I wish I had spent more time on in, especially when tacking it together, as there is a lot of unintentional ruching on both sides with the final machine quilting. However, as it is a quilt for me and not artistic purposes, I'm not too bothered. I love it and hope it lasts a life time.

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  1. I think it is very good you 'just did it'. Crafting should be fun, not about rules etc. And it looks very lovly.