Friday, 18 February 2011

Square Eyes

So at the moment, I am just trying to get my head round a few bits and pieces and whilst doing this I am making myself a quilt so I can practice my sewing skills and use up as much spare fabric I have lying around. I have make up a pattern so I have various sized squares and have just finished compiling the final layout of it.


My favourite 3x3 15inch patch

Blues and Reds

[the orange post-it notes are bits I need to re-stitch]

Laid out on my bed.

The centre of the quilt is the gold fabric which will have some typography on. Quite excited to finish it and make use, but it won't be finished for another couple of weeks I expect with other things going on and I have to get wadding and backing fabric too.

Other things I have going on include a few product ideas, which I am overly excited about but need to get cracking on with prototypes and visual design ideas!

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