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Bass to BT

Wednesday 2nd March 2011.
So I planned myself a little visit to London, to get away and be inspired! I heard about two shows that I wanted to visit, as well as a fellow graduate from WSA inviting me along to her mid-way MA show at LCC. I gave myself a rough itinerary and set out for my art-filled day.

First stop; Kemistry Gallery // Bass Notes
I set off for Shoreditch and found the gallery easily enough as it was a stones throw from where I had my work in Summer. I looked at Saul Bass when I was in college, and I was quite taken with his work [who isn't], and I wanted to go along and appreciate some fine Bass all at once. 

I was well aware of his film posters and title sequences,[who doesn't know the Vertigo poster above] but I also learned of his poster work he did for film festivals, which was a fresh view on Bass. Since going, I have decided to invest time in (re)watching some of the films he is linked to,especially those I haven't watched before [Man With the Golden Arm, Cape Fear, Walk on the Wild Side...]

Anyway, I enjoy his simple use of colour, and the white border around the block colours,as manipulating white space is always difficult and for it to work so well like on Spartacus and neighbouring posters above. He proves that simple works, with that added tone of character added to the type which lifts it away from the flatness of bold colour and basic type. I wish more film posters were as interesting. My favourite poster in recent years has to be Moon [below], which I think has clear Bass influences, or has at least taken knowledge from Bass that simplicity works, especially as I think it reflects the tone of the film pretty well.

What I love about visits to London is the street art that you come across, and Shoreditch area is always a treat for such a thing. On my way to Old Street underground, I happen to catch glimps of Dominos, which reminded me of a project I did a little over a year ago, where I created postcards intended to send off to design companies, where I had made dominos pieces from fabric and buttons. An idea I has festering at the back of my head and put into practice briefly and still want to push further [if I had time].

Do Not Abandon Me
I headed off to Piccadilly Circus to find the latest Tracey Emin exhibition which was a collaboration piece with the late Louise Bourgeois, of whom I am not familiar but intend to delve into her history as I have read she has dabbled with similar areas to Emin. However, with a noted address on hand, I was unable to find it and ended up at Tiffany's- bah! [Ironic when considering the title of the exhibit.]

All Time Favourite; V&A

With the success of Emin/Bourgeois, I headed to V&A where it is always a delight to wander around the huge rooms. On this particular visit I found the Architecture section, which was a delight as I love things like Grand Designs and I am curious of creative processes in general. 
I liked this giant image as it had fantastic line drawing with thick and thin lines, which I have experimented with in previous works, with mild success.

3D Models. There were some really intricate models and designs which I have great admiration for due to their imaginative structures and shapes.

Seeing Voices; MA  Show
LCC site ]

My fellow graduate from WSA invited me to her MA mid-way show which was based on the findings in the BT archives. The course is MA Design Writing Criticism, and only consists of 7 students who have all put forward work based on what they found in the archives.

Posters on wires; insight on the relationship of the technology used and the posters. 

Standing in front of the mirror and you cannot quite place yourself correctly to align with the telephone that is printed onto it. This creates the idea that you cannot look at yourself and be like the ladies from the BT promotional materials- Awesome stuff.

This is the work by my friend Emily Higgins [website here] which was based on the findings of a traveling exhibition. It was brilliant to see her progress since graduating last summer, the amount of independency she had in her MA and the standards of work she has achieved. The work was accompanied by a 1000 word piece based on the research with the show being a visual accompaniment to the written piece. Good work from all.

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