Sunday, 6 March 2011


So as well as the London adventures, I was also blessed with two days of new, very different, experiences.

I volunteered for Southampton City Art Gallery, helping with exhibition set up, and was a lot of painting, tidying, painting, sanding, painting and team work. Although it was just the one day and lots of little jobs, it was quite enjoyable meeting other people who were also volunteering for the day and trying to get insider knowledge on the upcoming Warhol exhibition [opening 26th March].

I applied for some work experience at a design company called MudPie, situation in the countryside near Romsey. MP have developed 'a range of fashion services to help you deliver 'on-trend' garments, colours and graphics within the shortest possible time frame.' So I spent Friday in their very rural setting and amongst their MPDClick team where I used Corel for the first time, and it was a complete breeze. I thought it unusual that the whole team were set up on Windows, but there no real problems with it, I forgot how quick I am to pick up new things. At the end of the day, they have taken me on to do a few weeks work experience, which will be great! I start Wednesday.

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  1. Yay congratulations!! I hope the work experience goes well :D