Thursday, 24 March 2011

Fabricated Forest

The Collaboration

Three weeks ago, Vicky Law asked me if I wanted to do a collaboration project. Presuming I had time to do it, I said yes and met up with her to discuss ideas and possibilities however I got myself an internship days later resulting in lack of time. 

Vicky wanted to make use of a trial of Cinema 4D and I had no particular preferences to what I wanted to achieve so we clashed together her digital skills and my love of textiles. After some thought and pizza, we decided to try and create a scene on 4D using various textiles to create all the objects. First we rummaged her flat for fabrics, then I rummaged my stock for bits and scanned/photographed them in to send to Vicky.

So Vicky got to work, and this is what she did..

Fabric - buttons on foam. 

Leather for the tree

Rocks were made of scrunched up silk-like fabric. River were stripes of a similar fabric but more metallic blue.

Sky- cotton on fabric as putting in the cotton as separate items didn't work.

Button Flowers

Front on.

Flowers placed on set.

Vicky finished working on the construction of this piece last week by making a small film on Cinema 4D and will be accompanied by music in the near future.
The films and other tester clips can be seen at Vicky's Vimeo here.

We weren't really sure what we wanted to achieve to be honest, we just thought it would be a good way to get ourselves being creative, however I let the side down a bit by getting work and I haven't stopped since our meeting on the 8th. We talked about me making 3D objects [similar to that in film Science of Sleep] but so much got in the way of me putting more of myself into this I think we were ultimately limited.

Mixing textiles and digital practices is not impossible, I know this and wanted to try and prove that in what we were doing. Next time I plan to set time aside for projects such as these.

Find Vicky here too.

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