Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Today I visited a friend from my graduate course to discuss a possible collaboration project. Vicky Law, portfolio here, was as much hands on as I was, but had a flare for creating models and prototypes as well as logos and exhibition design. Her FMP was an exhibition set up [details] designed for 5-9 year olds, which was quite a contrast to my sensitive project about domestic abuse. 

So we discussed what we wanted to get out of it, and if it wasn't for my work experience, we would have opened more doors and looked to push ideas a bit further. But we decided to mix my love for textiles and mixed media with her continuing pursuit to learn new programs together and create a piece. I shall say no more for now, but we have got only a small time scale of 10 days from now to create something so everything has gotta be done sharpish. I will update about this soon enough with photos and with a final piece in a couple of weeks.Hopefully.

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