Friday, 20 May 2011


Last week I got a lovely email from Sandra Dieckmann telling me I had won a print from a competition on her blog! Over joyed, the print arrived last week and I have been on a mission ever since to find a frame for it. I have yet to find anything, but I really wanted to show off the print I am very excited to have! Many thanks to Sandra!

Check out her illustrations because they are divine!
Sandra Dieckmann can be found at:

Monday, 9 May 2011

Hybrid [2008]

I just came across some old work from University[Oct 2008ish] that I think I quite liked at the time, but had totally forgot about since! It was a project that required students to work in pairs or trios to create a promotional piece for Giles Deacon, fashion designer. I worked with graphic designer, Craig Baldwin where he was primarily digital, whereas I, in contrast, had just spent the summer playing with mixed media. We made a fold out magazine advertisement for Giles Deacon, focusing on the various themes of his Gold collections at New Look and fashion house collections as seen on the catwalks.
Here are our final results, with some of my own knitting featuring as and background and the red design being my particular favourite. I think we managed to bring together digital and textiles together nicely.

Craig Baldwin can be found:


This is what I am working on for a friend who requested this commission. The image is Final Cut Pro 7 icon which will be on one side of a cushion with Motion 4 logo [which is more complex] on the other side. The image below isn't quite finished but is almost there. More images to come when complete. Also working on other cushion designs too which will be on Etsy I hope. 

Commission in the making

Friday, 6 May 2011


I have a few things on the go, outside of being a textile artist, which is why my blog is lacking at the moment. But hoping to keep it going with a few bits and pieces, including another cushion commission which I will be doing asap. For now, here is another framed piece that I have in my room. Looking for more frames still, I now have 6 up and looking for inspirational pieces to go up.