Friday, 17 June 2011


Last night was the opening night of the Winchester School of Art Degree Show 2011 and I popped along to have a look at this years talent! I can't believe it has been a year since I graduated, but it was nice to go back and see how different things were.. well or not. The set up was very much the same, and there was even hints of some of the work from 2010.

There was a great selection of work in the Graphic Arts course, which has pathways covering graphic design, illustration & digital animation, photography and advertising. There were various standards of work, mainly high quality, especially the large scale printing which seemed to be fairly popular this year. So here are a selection of photos I managed to get as I wandered around, although there was a lot more I wanted to take but there was many people wandering in my way!

Laura Wolfram

Katherine Lewis

Fabric Totem Pole- whats not to love!

Great typography posters.
Ty Stanton-Jones

Illustration work on A2 with felt tip.
Gareth Aldridge

Notable others:

Grant Bilkus - High standard of final publication.
Josh Fletcher -Great animation piece made of typographer.
Ekaterina Garipova - Delightfully beautiful posters.
Helen Royds - Great quality and well designed book.
Sian Butcher - -Great illustration and book construction
Tom Rainford- -Great animation
Victoria Iles- -Collage work.

Go along and check it out if you can. There is also lots of Fine Art and Fashion & Textile work, so lots of creative inspiration.

Friday, 10 June 2011


Experimentation for a project. I have never made a teddy before, but I have found various patterns online and tampered with it to suit what I want to make. I used a tutorial from for my teddy, made it, made various alterations until I found upon my final pattern.

First Attempt -Pins where button eyes would be going.
 Second Pattern, Ear pinned in place.
Final fabric. Slowly getting there.

Three heads together. 

It has been quite fun and a learning experience to say least, and would happily make more and more! It is so much easier and makes me tempted to make clothing. So very tempting.

Bear Pattern from: Howjoyful

Monday, 6 June 2011

Final Motion.

Today I managed to finish off a commission which has been a long time coming! Due to other bits and pieces that I have been up to and fabric issues, I have just finished it today! Hurrah!
 This was for a friend who uses various film software and wanted the logos of the programs on a cushion. I have seen this done before with Adobe, having the initials of the program on the appropriately coloured cushion eg Ai on orange, Fl on red, Ps on blue etc.

Here is the final product of which I am happy with,despite issues with the red fabric. A very unique cushion design indeed.

Final Cut

Motion 4

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Hearts & Lungs

This morning I was treated  when a zine turned up on my doorstep!
Hearts & Lungs, all the way from Glasgow, features lots of bears and beards as well as the lovely Sandra Dieckmann, who illustrated the bear print I posted about [and still need a frame for]!

Here are a few pages from the lovely and quirky zine!
Hearts & Lungs
[ Home ]
Cover by Beverly Cotterll

Left: Harriet Grey illustration 
Right: Sandra Dieckmann interview 

Left: Next issues theme
Right: Matthew Carey Simos 

Left: Anna Jane Searle
Right: Wise Words [mine is there- the one of graph paper!]

Back Cover.

I love the fact that the zine relies a lot on submissions from fellow creatives and is a great way to get some work out there to peers. There are some great illustrations, I can't even pick a favourite, I don't know how they managed to pick a favourite for the cover!
Will deffos be submitting something for next time :)

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