Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Hearts & Lungs

This morning I was treated  when a zine turned up on my doorstep!
Hearts & Lungs, all the way from Glasgow, features lots of bears and beards as well as the lovely Sandra Dieckmann, who illustrated the bear print I posted about [and still need a frame for]!

Here are a few pages from the lovely and quirky zine!
Hearts & Lungs
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Cover by Beverly Cotterll

Left: Harriet Grey illustration 
Right: Sandra Dieckmann interview 

Left: Next issues theme
Right: Matthew Carey Simos 

Left: Anna Jane Searle
Right: Wise Words [mine is there- the one of graph paper!]

Back Cover.

I love the fact that the zine relies a lot on submissions from fellow creatives and is a great way to get some work out there to peers. There are some great illustrations, I can't even pick a favourite, I don't know how they managed to pick a favourite for the cover!
Will deffos be submitting something for next time :)

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