Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Today was my last full day in Junior School helping out, as they break up for summer holidays next Tues. I haven't been in on Wednesday due to other commitments and working on my own pieces of work, but I wanted one last day to see them encase I cannot go back next term. I keep meaning to put up some of the work I have helped with, but always forget to take pictures of the final work! I've managed to do milk bottles animals as well as printmaking and book-binding with Red Hot Press.
So today, I did Batik with Year 5's, Mrs C's and Miss P's class, but mainly Mrs C, she always loves me helping her out!
I helped the class with the waxing, 4/5 at a time whilst Mrs C got others started on painting [some had waxed the day previously]. Once everyone was painting[after their morning break essentially], I was helping to mix colours, keep paintbrushes clean and general up keep of the art process. 
The theme was fitting with their topic of Greeks, so there were many Medusa's as well as other scary creatures. Here is a selection of the very vibrant outcome, which I apologize for the poor picture quality as they were taken on my phone!
My Favourite of the class I think.

Sophie took a long time planning the colours on her border and was the last to finish at 2.15.


The girls who I helped and looked after in the afternoon were very sweet and gave me a little 'We will miss you' colouring which they all signed- very sweet. Thanks to Mrs Smith and all teachers for having me. One last session of cooking with the Year 3's and it will be summer!

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  1. These are lovely! I did some pinhole photography with a GCSE class recently and it was so much fun. This looks so cool, would love to do Batik again :)
    Thanks for posting the pics too!
    @jennapritchard :)