Friday, 8 July 2011

Embroidered Door.

Today I was pointed in the direction of two artists, via Woman's Hour on BBC Radio 4 this morning: Sarah Greaves and Penny Anderson

Sarah is mixed media artist who used embroidery to graffiti everyday objects with emotive, political and thoughtful text. Using heavy duty tools[drills and clamps] to help her embroider onto solid objects such as doors, sinks, toasters and bananas. It becomes a mix of a traditional feminine craft with a process of great masculinity. 
She has taken objects and words and is putting it back into the home. She is right when she states there are interesting things written on public toilet walls and doors, and its such a great way to reproduce and give them more life. 

I agree when she prefers her own work to not be perfect, and have imperfections, that is the pure quality of true hardmanship and handmade craft. The beauty of her work is manipulating the objects to be able to embroider onto / into them. The toaster for example, she had to take apart in order to drill holes and then embroider. 

 My favourite piece is definitely the banana - quirky and yet elegantly and even naively great. There are not many people in the world that could think to embroider a banana. I myself stitched some typography into some lamp shades last year,which I still love and use, despite the message that glows from it.

My lamp based on domestic abuse. 
Detail- 'Shut Up'

 Embroidered Banana! Just great in so many ways.Pure imagination
On the inside. A process I imagine that was very delicate

I am quite inspired by the door which has got me thinking about how I might decorate my own home in the future. . .

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Penny is a Glasgow based artist and writer for many magazines including Big Issue, The Guardian as well as contributing to Woman's Hour. The embroiders on a more traditional level and is type based visual work, although her inspirations and themes are from personal experiences, including going blind and left with damaged vision. I am currently working on type pieces myself, so it is good to get comparative artists [even though both these ladies are on a totally different level to me, I feel]. 

Very traditional look. The layout is quite boxed, and quite like it, even with the flowers and hearts.

A very colourful and innocent looking piece, which looks like a traditional piece for the home but actually is darker when reading the content.  

I am quite into the boxed- aligned type, and really love the colours in this piece. The delicacy of the feminine craft contradicts the content in a few pieces. This was something that I have tried to create in my piece about Domestic Violence last year.

 My experimentations last year with typography in a less feminine context.
Stitch on a pillowcase.

Pennys Portfolio Here

I have been very inspired this afternoon and am about to go embroider things around the house. 

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