Monday, 26 September 2011

Beside The Sea Side

Saturday 24th September finally arrived.
People were face painting, ladies and gentlemen alike were changing into a variety of bright and bold outfits, and I was doing some last minute stapling.
Saturday was the Grand Grotesque Parade as part of the Bournemouth Arts Festival.
I have blogged about it before, as I have been making bits and pieces over the last few weeks for the parade including helping with pantomime horses, a banner and some clown ruffles.
 Making the mane

 Horse Heads in the making
 Banner in the making

I turned up Saturday at the Pier Theatre a few hours before to do some last minute sewing and fixings before getting into costume myself and parading down the pier and into the lower gardens up to the square.

The parade consisted of a suffragette choir, ghoulish ladies in pink, and masked characters from an elephant-chicken, a pig-clown, green honey monster, huge rooster head in a suit and myself, in a stripy dress,dog mask whilst pushing a floral pram. Leading the parade was the Parade Captain, in a floral swimming hat & swimming costume, with the Choir Leader in her own platform directing her ladies [and gent] at they paced down the pier and into the gardens eerily singing 'I do like to be beside the seaside'.

Along the way, from our very starting point, crowds were gathered on both sides with cameras and phones pointed and flashing,with faces of all ages gawping at all the bizarre costumes and masks in awe and wonder. I was told that Poppy, the mini poodle, got lots of comments[see photo below by JK] as did the elephant-chicken. We slowly made our way through the gardens, with some masked characters pushing trollies and prams, and even a stage being pushed with a large lady-headed costume sat like a parade princess.

The ghoulish ladies in frilly pink dresses grasping brooms performed when everyone arrived in the square, alongside mermaid Lottie Bon Bon. The performance involved the girls zombie walking, synchronized dancing, flashing their bloomers for all to see, and devouring the Mermaid.

After the performance, the ladies lead the way back to the pier, followed by the suffragettes, masked characters, Victorian Goths and masked groups of children. The children attended workshops in the weeks running up to the parade to make their own masks, some of which were more elaborate and creative than I could have imagined.

The turnout was so much more than what I expected and the whole event, judging by the crowds responses, was a success.Well done The Girls[Zoe Sinclair and Andrea Blood], We3 and to everyone else who took part to make quite a spectacular evening.
Coverage of the Parade

Unlimited by JK
A blog piece by Joseph Kent as well as a great selection of photos including this one below.
Poppy the Poodle taking part.

Photos by WheelzWheeler on Flikr
Captured lots of characters that were in the parade as well as group shots.
Parade Master, Zoe
Choir Leader

One of my favourite photos which captures anticipation at the front of the parade. Parade Captain in the swim suit and sash and performers We3 in pink.
 Parade,lead by Parade Captain, waiting to march.
Suffragette Choir waiting to head out.

Many Chefs Broth
A small, but great collection of photos and a brilliant video of the parade.  The video captures lots of We3's performance at the square as well as lots of masked characters walking, including myself about 2mins in.

Choir Leader
We 3 performers

Video of the Parade
By TomFaull on Youtube
Captured lots of charaters in the parade walking through the gardens.

The Girls

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  1. Thank you again, Jennifer, for your help, super work, and calm presence over the summer!