Thursday, 15 September 2011

Knitted Garden

Yesterday I was told of this incredibly community orientated projected run by Pauline Stanley. Pauline studied Fine Art at Arts University College at Bournemouth, and uses various mediums from film, photography, printmaking and knitting.

Pauline set up the Knitted Garden Project in 2010, involving more than 40 local groups from Brownies, churches, choirs, primary schools, and university students, as well as craft, knitting and crochet groups.I think community projects like this are great to get people involved with a craft they might not have tried before or lost touch with, and brings lots of people together to show off their creative skills to others. Here are a selection of images I have managed to course to show of the brilliant skills of people involved! The project was displayed at Bournemouth Library 3rd May until 4th June.


The Garden I believe is touring the UK, and I hope to catch it some when as I didn't see it in Bournemouth. I wish there were more projects like this, or at least more publicized so people can get involved. I think that schools should certainly be more encouraged to take part in such projects as it opens up young minds to craft skills as well as taking part in a community project. Check out Pauline Stanley's website with her work on there but a warning that it is terribly designed and needs a big reboot!

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