Sunday, 23 October 2011


A friend linked me to a very cool artist, who uses threat, nails and wood to create art work. I have seen similar work before from Peter Crawley who creates stitched illustration, however everyone has unique technique and ideas.

Gabriel Dawe, born in Mexico now living in Canada, has had many large installations, in America, Canada and the UK. What really is absorbing from the work is the use of colour to create the large pieces and create the right tones. The detailed photo below shows how much thread is needed and the amount of of over layering occurs in the corners. What I love about the piece is the shadows it creates on the white wall it is mounted upon.

'Piexus no.3'
Layers of thread that have been hung between pieces of wood. Every angle creates an interesting perspective of the installation.

I like the use of threads on fabric, which partially relies on the positioning of the thread for the piece to stand out. Interesting contrast of colours.

'End of Childhood'
A selection of toys that have been 'wrapped' with threads. Conceptually interesting and visually entertaining.


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