Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Merci Beaucoup!

I have been so busy recently with a trip to Paris with my pal Andrea Bonnell [blog], starting a new part-time job as well as trying to sort out all old projects to begin a fresh new one! Busy Busy Busy. My to do list is currently as long as my arm but am slowly sorting myself out so that I can blog about my research and ideas- hurrah!

When I came back from Paris on Friday morning, I was blessed with TWO packages! Everyone likes getting post, but receiving 2 packages was like a mini Christmas.

The first package was one I ordered a few weeks back called Suffragettes to She-Devils by Liz McQuiston. The book is all about the use of graphics and and media used in the fight by woman for equality. I came across this book during my final year at university through another student and since re-looking through my research, I knew I wanted a copy for myself to be able to refer to. It features graphics from the Guerrila Girls, Barbara Kruger, Tank Girl by Jamie Hewlitt as well as graphics to support women with independence and rights. I will post more with time and research.

The second package was not something I was expecting. Upon opening, I found The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp, a book about inspiring creative minds to reach their full potential, written by a successful American choreographer. I haven't had much of a chance to read it, only glance through, and it seems very inspirational to motivate people.
With a look inside the package, I found a note which told me it was sent by The Girls, Zoe and Andrea to thank me for helping with Grand Grotesque Parade. There is nothing more  heartening than someone to keep you supported and motivated to do what you love. Thank you SO much Zoe and Andrea!

'The first steps of a creative act are like groping in the dark: random and chaotic, feverish and fearful, a lot of busy-ness with no apparent or definable end in sight.'

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