Thursday, 17 November 2011

Blokes Have Followed Me on the Train to Tell Me I'm Beautiful

Whilst having a flick through my sisters collection of More! magazines, I was astonished to see something refreshing and rare. Use of a plus-size model - Hurrah!

After blogging this week about visiting a talk at Fem11 about ditching dieting and loving your body as it is, it was wonderful to see an article about three women who have 'incredible' bodies and men love it. There was Maxine the body builder, ReeRee Rockette with lots of tattoos and Emma Dunn, a plus-size model. For a magazine that normally consists of articles dictating how you should run a relationship, how to dress and which fake tan will give the best coverage, it was nice to see them promote something normal that real women can actually relate to. An article that actually promotes being individual and to love yourself for who you are, even though the interviews seemed to be very much orientated about what men think of them and sexualizing themselves.

 I read Emma's small piece and it was great to read. Key quotes that need to be reinforced:

'Even now, people make bitchy comments, but I don't let me get to me - I love my size-32 body'

'..learning to be body confident has had a huge effect on my life.'

'I eat healthily and I have no medical problems, so as long as I'm in good shape, I have no reason to worry about my size'

Maxine's[body builder] piece was interesting to read from the start, stating that 'At 5ft 6 and a size 6, weighing just 7st, I hated how skinny I was.' She goes on to say how much she loves her muscles and that she feels 'girlie and glamorous' and the confidence it gave her with her partner. 

I was unable to actually find this article on their website, and had to scan my copy in. It would be nice to see the featured articles online, rather than trailing through 'Lipstick of the day', 'Fancy some free tanning tips' and 'beating the winter hair blues'.. These are actual blog posts in their site. The site actually doesn't have a 'stories' section, only: Beauty, Fashion, Men&Sex, Advice, Blogs and Win..I think that is a pretty low quality website in terms of content for a popular women's magazine. No real stories are uploaded online.. 

Looking back at the front cover of the magazine, the girls were pictured in their underwear in the bottom corner with the caption 'Men can't resist our bodies'. It would have been less objectifying and more encouraging to other women if it had read something more like 'why we love our bodies and who we are'. The magazine needs to promote confident self image more rather than the sexualization of yourself and objectifying yourself for men.

Looking through a couple of editions of the magazine, it was clear that although they have featured a plus-size model in their magazine, they still use slim models for their fashion features. Even in fashion articles to show what suits each frame shape, they use slim models and not embracing the fact that the majority of their readers will not be a size 8/10. Magazines are missing out on really identifying on a personal level with their readers and merely throwing what they think they want to see.

Well done for trying More! magazine; silver star for attempted efforts. Maybe you ought to check out what Gok Wan has been doing these last few years.

The article in question is from issue dated 14th November 2011.


  1. Very well said. I was in a feature in More back in the summer, about body confidence, but it was given such a sexual spin to it that I've had to tell my family that it wasn't printed in the end! I was trying to show other girls that you don't have to be thin to be beautiful but instead was given 'sex tips' to increase my confidence(!)

    Fiona x

  2. Wow, that is very interesting, yet not surprising to hear.I would also hide my family from anything that exposed me in the wrong way. When looking through back issues, it is easy to notice how sex-orientated the magazine is. It is obsessed with beauty and men, and makes readers self-concious. What issue was the interview in?