Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Body Image Survey

To anyone and everyone!

I would be much obliged if you could help me with a little research. I am currently reseraching issues that females deal with in todays society[if you have not looked through this blog], and body image is one that we all face,male or female, on a daily basis. We are all effected by the pressures to be thin and love our curves.

I would appreciate your help to fill in a survery about body image, and as some questions are mandatory, please feel free to elaborate your answers as much or little as you are comfortable with sharing. All of the information given will be anonymous and will not be shared without consent.

Please click the link to take part in a survey, and I would appreciate any links on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, emails etc etc, but please link back to this blog post so others can look through the work I have been doing.

Thank you everyone.

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