Thursday, 17 November 2011

Body Relationships

Whilst also scanning the paper today, I found it quite fitting that after blogging about More! magazines lack of encouraging body image, that the Daily Mail have published an article on couples telling the trust about their partners body.

 The article featured in today's Femail section of the Daily Mail, has images of 5 couples posing naked together. Each couple tell their thoughts on their partners body, and it is so enlightening to read thoughts that these ladies, although a couple of decades older than myself, are content with their own bodies. Bodies that have been through weight gain and loss through anxieties and pregnancies, but are very much adored, especially their bums, by their loving men.

This should really be encouraged for young girls to realize that bodies change constantly and no matter what, it is the person that is loved more than the body[but a pert bottom helps].

Read the article here.

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