Monday, 26 December 2011

Childs Play

If you are a frequent blog reader, you might remember last months post about Desperate Scousewives. I ranted about the delights of the new breed of 'reality' television in the form of cameras following of group of tan glowing and self centred people which is entirely set up by the producers to bring more interesting[debable] storylines.

Today, I came across the delights of a fellow ranter Charlie Skeoch. I have followed Charlie on twitter for a while, as a blogger of film reviews [check out her brilliant War Horse review] but this week she has posted about reality show following The Only Way is Essex... erh 'star'.... Amy Childs. A wonderfully witty review of her recent program where cameras followed her around whilst she lived her inspiring life-style. A very witty blogger. 
Check it out here.

Must It Be All About Amy By Charlie Skeoch
Charlie Skeoch on Twitter

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