Sunday, 1 January 2012


Happy new year to all!
I wanted to do this a few days ago, but have been caught up with festivities. Last year I blogged about my aims for 2011, seven in all.This is the result...

1. Follow news from Sketchbook Project
I keep up to date and was tempted to take part again but I wanted to focus on other bits of work, but am still keen to make another fabric book. 
2. Learn more crafts eg knitting,screen printing.
 I have signed up for a workshop with a local artist to learn blacksmith based skills. This was postponed from Nov until Feb. Cannot wait. My knitting skills have advanced a lot too!

3. Take part in Secret Valentines
 I did, and it was lovely: check out blog about it.

4. Personal Project
 I have completed [and some not] numerous projects this year: cushions, small commissions, snug quilt for example. Most importantly I have advanced myself greatly with my art and researching into issues that face women, mainly body related. It has been fascinating and great to talk about with others.

5.Creative Community
 I never did do this.. set up a local arts group! Whoops. But I have met some great creatives this year- Red Hot Press and The Girls - and it's encouraging me to keep going!

6. Job
 I have changed part-time jobs t support myself as an artist and its great. It's within the creative arts, although I do not get to show off my creativeness so much, but it's a good change.

Yea... never did this either. I tried to, but I couldn't make it work and my heart just was not in it. I still would love to do one, but it's timing and content. To be continued..

 And so to 2012... At this particular moment I have no real goals set. I want to continue with the research I am doing into women's issues [slowly reading through books about Suffragettes at the moment-fascinating] and would be amazed if I could get some work to exhibit somewhere! I have lots of ideas flowing around, just need to but needle to fabric!! 

That is my aim for this year: keep my head and and persevering more than before and I will have another wonderfully creative year. To read as much as I can whilst also trying to stop procrastinating so much.

I also want to do some more traveling having visited Edinburgh, Paris & Bruges in the last six months and I loved them all. Truly lovely cities where I wish to return at some point.

To 2012.

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