Friday, 27 January 2012

Being A Woman.

I was just pondering on the thought - what is means to be a woman. I hoped that anyone who reads my blog might be able to give me feedback. I have set up a survey, but please feel free to email me or comment on this post. It's a big question, and everyone is different and to be honest, I am not even sure how I would answer it myself.

What is a woman according to Online Dictionary.

I have thought about it since posting, I suppose my ideas on why I question it come from my recent reading about Suffragettes. Some of the women protested most of their lives, the Pankhursts especially devoting their lives to equality between men and women.What would these women think of the modern women of today? What would they think of Page 3 models, Katie Price and reality tv born 'celebrities' like Kim what-does-she-actually-do Kardashian and Amy I'm-going-to-glitter-your-vagina Childs? Do women of today appreciate their position in society and such freedom which our distant ancestors were not so lucky to have. A few of generations ago, woman were nothing more than the domestic goddess serving upon her husband and children. Slowly, but forcefully, women have had opportunities open to them to work alongside their husbands rather than for or below them.

From The Ascent of Women, by Melanie Phillips.

The survey is three questions and will not take more than 5minutes! Give it a think if you need and I thank you greatly ladies. Though if men want to contribute their ideas, I more than welcome your opinions [please state if your a man in one of the answers].

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