Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Damsel in Design

The last week, I have been scouring through a book a brought some time ago called Suffragette to She Devils by Liz McQuiston. The book follows the history of the design in feminist movements from the Suffragette protests, the Guerrilla Girls through to abortion campaigns.
I wanted to highlight some key pages from the book which I felt were interesting, relevant or amusing.

 The bottom right: 'A Woman's Mind Magnified', poster Britain 1900-14
So out-dated and sexist but so great in the simplicity of the design.
 Some brilliant postcards surrounding the suffragette. I have one similar to the one on the right in the centre. This card reads 'Suffragettes who have never been kissed.'
 Original lolcats? in anti-suffragette postcards.
 A brilliant Guerrilla Girls campaign, protesting about sexism in a Fiat billboard advert.
 I loved the badges on this page, which were from the mid 80's.
A women needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. Completely over the top with their message but I think its incredible that some women hold these statements so strong.
I also love the stitched banner, which just reminds me of all the banners from the original protests[forgot to scan those pages]. Banners that had messages of women trying to fight their way out the home and into politics, despite having a domestic quality of being handmade.

Some interesting birth control imagery, included a pregnant man.

Iconic strong feminine imagery form America 1942-5.
Independentworking class women with fighting spirit.
More strong and independent feminine imagery by Hilda Dallas 1912 for an issue of The Suffragette. The image suggests strong fighting spiriting.

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