Saturday, 28 January 2012

Diva Alert.

Last night whilst watching a bit of telly, I saw one of the most amusing adverts I have seen in quite some time. Dynasty divas Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham star in the latest Snickers adverts, set in the changing room of the mens football team.

What I found peculiar was what I saw through a feminist group on facebook; a feminist had taken offense to the advert. I am not sure what is so offensive about the advert, as the only people it pokes fun at is divas- a small glamourous minority of women, but in particular Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham. If any women get's offended by this advert, they clearly don't have a sense of humour.

Also this morning, I found through Twitter a link to a blog which blew my mind, as it was certainly not as amusing as it was intended to be. The blog post in question, Women Taking Over The World , was posted on a blog called Drexl on the World. Scanning through previous blog posts, he is obviously a bit of a mentalist as subjects previously discussed includes How to be a stalker. He calls himself a satirist, but if people question what he is blogging, it obviously isn't witty enough.


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