Thursday, 5 January 2012

Fabricated Pages

Yesterday I has a spurt of energy and used it to do some experimenting with help from How to Make Books by Esther K Smith. I have been meaning to experiment for ages but have been caught up with other bits and pieces.

Sketchbook Project, sent out a year ago!
Since the success of my Sketch book project book, I have wanted to make another, but try something slightly different. So here are some terrible quality photos of some bits I have made.

Hardback, accordion pages.  One sheet of fabric, cut to make set of pages.

 Another accordion, one snip through the centre to make eight double sided pages.
Standard cut pages with fabric cover, with simple line stitched to create a  strong spine. Very floppy.

 Hardback version of the previous book.  Using a basic stab-stitch binding technique, with fabric pages. Simple and sturdy.

 One sheet of fabric, with a cut in the centre. Folds to create an eight page booklet, but can be folded inside out to create a new fresh faced booklet.

Experimenting and ideas continue. I feel like I have finally got a good start on making a new book.

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