Thursday, 5 January 2012

A Girls Guide to Taking Over the World

The page, A Girls Guide to Taking Over the World, supports women's rights and generally posts pictures and articles related to such issues. This morning I woke up to this, which delighted me in so many ways.
 Facebook Page.

 This women is obviously accepting her body for what it is, and what a beautiful figure she has! This touching personal photo shows what her body endures regularly and even the rarer challenges like walking through India. At a time in the year when people make promises to diet and exercise more, damn new year resolutions, it is nice to see someone who does accept their body for what it is.

 It pains me to have already seen the newest Weight Watchers advert,fronted by never-has-a-problem-with-her-weight Alisha Dixon, at least thrice in the last few days, not to mention the occasional celebrity endorsed fitness DVDs. *groan* Check out a delightful review of classic celebrity fitness dvds by Charlie Skeoch here. Very amusing.
Alisha and 'inspirational' weight watchers filming.

Alisha calls these people inspirational. It is great that these people can feel good about themselves again, but looking after your body properly is common sense at the end of the day- good food and regular exercise. It does not need to take a brand owned by HEINZ to make you feel good about yourself, you can find it in yourself with determination if you so wish. True inspirational people are those who suffer with illnesses, fight for our country and those who fight for themselves in difficult situations. 

People who accept themselves for who they are,whatever niggles you have, I salute you.

Fitness DVD Flops by Charlie Skeoch
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  1. What the hell has happened to the "Girls Guide" Facebook page?

    There one minute, gone the next. Censorship?