Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Image Survey

Whilst rustling through some old magazines, I found a couple of surveys regarding body image. In an issue of Heat, from 8-11 Oct 2011 there was results of a body survey, whilst in 5th Sept issue of More! they had a feature about cosmetic surgery.  I have scanned in the surveys for your reading and have highlighted the most interesting results.

HEAT Magazine
Body Image Survey.

And some results I pulled out bout the body...

 And the most interesting question, which will get the feminists back up...

More! Magazine
Cosmetic Surgery Report

 Pages from the survey.
HAVE A RIGHT? Are you kidding? This is the most ridiculous statistic. Insecurities are encouraged by the media or peer influence. People need to learn to love their bodies and embrace what they have been given. The only people who have a right are those with medical issues, not those who worry if their ass looks big or breasts too far apart. People are not encouraged enough to make natural changed to their bodies through good dieting and exercise. People do not appreciate what they have got and people, including magazines, need to give encourage each other to love themselves and not consider the quickest way to cut up their bodies because its easier. There are risks with surgery which people are not told.

Anyway, rant over.

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