Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Lunatic Liz on Golden Globes

Liz Jones, regular columnist for the Daily Mail, is not highly regarded by all as a great journalist, and I certainly know why as a frequent reader. Her articles generally address issues that women deal with, from botox, fashion and most recently an article about the attitude towards people with breast implants following the PIP implant scare. However, today's Daily Mail had a two page spread of the best and worst dressed from Sunday nights Golden Globe Awards, written by Jones. I became a little outraged at a few of her statements towards the A-listers beautiful gowns, specifically Kate Winslet, who has a history of dressing to suit her curvacious figure. Winslet has become an icon for myself, and for other women too, from a few replies of my body image survey.

 Kate Winslet at the Golden Globes 2012.

And what did Liz Jones say? Firstly she stated that 
it was 'a deeply unflattering Jenny Packham monochrome number' by adding the caption 'Patriotic choice with British designer Jenny Packham. Love the sweetheart neckline and the up do, but the white skirt makes her look wide.
She is flipping mental. The 'wide' that I believe this lunatic journalist is referring to is Kate's HIP! Her natural body shape looks fabulous in this dress, and doing what she always does and showing of the beautiful womanly curves that God has graced her with. The photos below are a small collection of Kates other red carpet choices, where they also show off her fabulous waist and womanly hips. 

 Previous red carpet dresses which show off a slim waistline and motherly hips.

The kind of comment that Liz makes is something that would put women off their own waistlines, when this is something that was emphasised in 60's fashion. Just look at the stir that Mad Mens Christina Hendricks has caused with her amazing hourglass figure!

Christina Hendricks as Joan in Mad Men. Divine womanly curves.

Liz didn't stop with Winslet. Obviously not all dresses will compliment every ones figures, we all make mistakes, as Sarah Michelle Gellar and Kelly Osbourne have proved, although their dress choice showed off their figures, it was just poor choice on the sculpting on the dress. But Liz went on to complain about these actresses for very petty, unjustified and bitchy reasons.
'This gold-studded Versace gown would be fabulous on a brunette, but looks washed out against Nicole’s ghost-like complexion.'
No mention of how amazing this woman looks with her iconic slender figure. I think this dress is stunning and although I know what Liz means but I think she is wrong and this is just stunning. The curves are to die for!

' In fire-engine red Zac Posen, she looks just gorgeous, but needs a push-up bra or someone to feed her that other great Italian export apart from fashion: pasta.'
Just because she is wearing a strapless dress doesn't you need to stick your breasts out like your Madonna or a TOWIE girl. Reese is a mother of two and has some pride and dignity in her appearance, unlike 50+year old Madonna, who wore a glove on her right hand like some Michael Jackson homage.

 'Cadaverous in Haider Ackermann. Way too fussy. Such froth doesn’t suit her: it’s like seeing Maggie Thatcher in a polka-dot prom dress.'
Tilda Swinton has a very unique taste when it comes to the red carpet, and I applaud her so much. She often glides the red carpet in something a little different and unique and I think this suits her skin tone, as well as her figure! The top nips in to give her a nice waist line with a light skirt to balance out the top. Wins the prize for most awesome hair of the night.

So basically, Liz Jones can fuck off, and ladies, you keep embracing those figures!


Red Carpet Pictures by Hollywood Reporter

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