Saturday, 28 January 2012

Mensch vs Penny vs Paxman

As mentioned in the previous post, Wednesday 25th Jan saw Channel 5 bursting with viewers watching Jodie Marsh exploring her bullied past. Whilst this was on, Paxman had Conservative Louise Mensch MP and News Statesman journalist Lauie Penny on BBC2's Newsnight.

The discussion topic was 'Can feminists also be conservative?' To be fair, Mensch is a strong empowering woman and I tried to agree with what she was saying but she went off topic, got very bitchy and had a go at Paxman about the lack of women on the Today program. She tried to claim he was the BBC representative so it was his responsibility to answer. Shut up Mensch, he is the presenter, not ruler of the beeb!
The whole subject seems a bit much as women have the vote and have come SO far in 100years, and the debate essentially became what kind of feminism is the right kind, as Laurie believed there were wrong kinds. The politics of it all went over my head to be honest and I think they looked a shambles as two feminists who couldn't agree on what they supported. Surely feminist, at heart, is women standing up for their rights? Does it matter if you are Tory, Liberal, northern, french or a man; it is about looking after and supporting womankind.

The telegraph has a good write up of the debate between the women if you fancy a read.


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