Thursday, 19 January 2012

My stomach jiggles when I run.

 I came across an article earlier today, through a link on a Facebook page about a mother talking to her daughter, who decides 'I want to be skinny.'
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The issue in this story just does not surprise me any more. When attending a workshop entitled Endangered Bodies at Fem 11 [see blog], stories were being swapped by women, and men, discussing the relationships with our bodies. One woman shared a story about her 6 year old niece responding when asked what she wanted to be when she was older. 'Thin.' Whether it is the media, our peers or even our own mothers insecurities with their post-pregnancy bodies, there is something that is effecting some young girls to think there is something wrong with their bodies. I never got rid of my 'puppy fat' until I was going through college and off to university at 18.

On Monday this week, Susie Orbach gave evidence into an inquiry about the diet industry and how they are misleading members and giving them false hope. Many people join schemes in order to loose weight for a special occasion or simply as a New Year resolution.  Alongside Susie, was Jo Swinson MP who co-founded the Campaign for Body Confidence in 2010 with Lynne Featherstone. Jo stated "Body dissatisfaction in the UK has never been higher, particularly among young people. The pressure to conform to the impossible stereotypes we are bombarded with in advertising, magazines and on the catwalk is overwhelming and damaging – one in four of us are depressed about our bodies."

The fight for our bodies continues.

Mom, I'm fat at
Susie Orbach at The Guardian
Jo Swinson on Twitte

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